Laura Cason

Laura Paige Cason is originally a native of South Carolina. She earned her business degree in marketing from the University of South Carolina in 1997.

From there she began building her marketing experience working in media, such as TV and radio. In 2003, she was offered the opportunity to enhance her marketing skills by relocating to Richmond, VA and working for a government contractor as their Marketing Director. She negotiated numerous government contracts throughout DC including working at the Pentagon.

In 2006 she was recruited by Altria, Philip Morris, in Richmond, VA. She was a part of their marketing team and helped design and develop some of their marketing projects while they acquired John Middleton Company (Black and Mild) and USSTB (Skoal and Copenhagen).

In 2013, Laura was ready to move back to South Carolina to be closer to her family. At that point, she decided it was time to use her marketing skills in a different arena. She resigned from Philip Morris and was hired at Waccamaw Regional Council of Governments as their Aging Program Coordinator. At this point she realized the great need of services that were in demand for Georgetown and Horry County seniors.

While her passion for helping seniors was still growing, she was then offered the opportunity in 2015 from Horry County Council on Aging as their Marketing Director. She focused on marketing Horry County Council on Aging services and informing Horry County residents and businesses on the need of the elderly in the county.

She has now joined the Inlet Coastal Resort Assisted Living team and is excited to begin a new journey marketing the assisted living community and continuing to serve seniors.

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