Senior Blogs Worth Sharing

Published by Laurie McLendon on

We have selected a handful of engaging blogs that we thought were worth sharing!

  1. The Roaming Boomers– The Roaming Boomers, David and Carol Porter, share their luxury trips and travel tips inspiring seniors to see the world. Their website features over 1,000 articles and 200 videos recapping their travels and helping readers know what to see and do.
  2. The Upside to Aging– A thoughtful blob written by Molly Wisniewski (LeGrand), who has over 10 years of experience caring for older adults living with dementia. She covers topics ranging from Medicaid to sharing stories of caregivers.
  3. The Elder Chicks– Managed by two senior women, Dr. Thelma Reese and Dr. Barbara Fleisher, the blog’s goal is aimed toward “helping each other master the art of a senior life”.
  4. Senior Planet– A fantastic resource that provides courses, programs, and activities to help seniors learn new skills, save money, get in shape, and make new friends.

What are some of your favorite blogs? We would love to hear your recommendations!

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