The Beauty of Art

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Caregiving for dementia patients poses many challenges and requires a lot of patience, flexibility, and sticking to a scheduled routine. While it’s not always easy, our staff is excellent at helping residents feel more relaxed. 

While there are many articles on caring for Alzheimer’s patients, one activity you may not be aware of that provides great benefits is art therapy. 

Art therapy has been shown to reduce cortisol, the stress hormone, and stimulates the brain in a multitude of ways. Studies have shown that art therapy activities can help boost cognitive function sometimes even encourages speech, creates a sense of accomplishment and purpose, and help improve self-esteem and inspire positive social interaction.

The beauty of art therapy is being able to provide residents with “good moments, good hours and good days,” as Ruth Drew, director of family and information services for the Alzheimer’s Association, says.

There are many types of art and craft activities for Alzheimer’s patients. Seniors can try sculpting with clay, watercolor painting, or creating jewelry. Residents at Inlet Coastal Resort enjoy participating in community art projects often! Those smiles say it all! 




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